STC Membership and CPTC Certification

1. STC Membership

(STC — Society for Technical Communication)


Society for Technical Communication (STC) is the oldest and biggest body that is dedicated to improve and reform Technical Communication, spread across 43 countries with chapters in major cities, of which I indulge in India and Chennai chapters as an active member and speaker.


The technical Communication team within the workplace would immensely benefit from association with STC pertaining to guidance, triage for writing, staying on par with current trends, and niche skills.

Organizations that have positively started embellishing their documentation deliverable, can be improved to its optimum efficiency by filling in gaps, and Content Management System (CMS) is one of few examples along with DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture).

Technical writing must follow standard styles without exception, which keep changing with times, Microsoft Manual of Style and The Chicago Manual of Style being the most followed ones, STC’s sessions provide updates on these.


STC India with its monthly meetups, regional and annual conferences, brings all-out technical writers (along with countable Instructional Designers and Business Analysts) on a single platform helping us network and learn the role optimization and market needs.

Benefits of STC membership

Recognized Certifications for technical writers unlike other IT professionals are limited to STC accredited three-step course-based CPTC certifications that also inculcates the project management knowledge.

2. CPTC Certification

(CPTC — Certified Professional Technical Communicator)


Why Certification

CPTC Foundation

CPTC Practitioner

CPTC Expert

Expert-level exam coming soon!



Technical Writer

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