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Make yourself more efficient and productive

What is productivity?

Productivity is both a philosophy of life and a mental condition. Being efficient implies doing what we deliberately choose to do at all times, rather than what we feel compelled to do by circumstances. Adopting a mindset of continuous development is what productivity entails.

We are increasingly reliant on tools to increase our productivity in today’s fast-paced and hectic world. It’s sometimes challenging to keep on track when we’re managing so many tasks and responsibilities. As a result, various apps and services might assist you in keeping to your goals.

Various lifestyles and interests demand specific productivity tools. In this article, I’ll go over the Y.Productive tool and provide a detailed user manual on how to utilize it.

1 Overview

Y.Productive is a personal productivity management tool. It helps you to keep your work under control and maximize the working hours and deliver excellent work output by eliminating habits that impede productivity. A Real-Time Productivity chart provides all the necessary information about your performance at a glance.

Your productivity is measured by chart bars. Y.Productive shows your efficiency ratings and what you can do to get better. The application shows you the websites and apps that you open during working hours, detailing what sites impact your work and what sites you open that hinder you from delivering excellent output. This greatly enhances your productivity by banning distracting websites during work hours, providing you with real-time productivity feedback on your goals and projects. Working with Y.Productive allows you to improve your concentration and develop productive work.

1.1 Features

With Y-Productive you can better manage and accomplish your tasks and achieve your goals with its To-do List integrated with Time Tracking and Productivity Chart. This application has the below in-built capabilities:

  • Minimalistic productivity chart
  • In-depth behavior analysis
  • Focus mode
  • Activities categorization
  • Projects & Tasks
  • Productivity reports

1.2 Technical details

1.2.1 Devices support

  • Windows
  • Mac

1.2.2 Language support

  • English

1.2.3 Extensions

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox

2 Install application

In this document, we are using the Windows application for illustration.

Installing Y.Productive is a two-step process:

  1. Download the installation file
  2. Install Y.Productive

Note: Mac users: If you’re running Mac OS, download and install macOS application.

Figure 2‑1: Download windows app
Figure 2‑1: Download windows app
  • When the file appears at the bottom of the browser, click the file. (If you don’t see the file, choose Downloads from the Chrome menu.)
Figure 2‑2: Installation file
  • Double-click the file to start the installation.
  • When asked to confirm whether Windows should continue the operation (User Account Control dialog box), click Yes.
Figure 2‑3: User Account Control dialog box
  • Wait for the application installation to complete.
Figure 2‑4: Installation progress bar

6. Once the installation is completed, windows launch the Y.Productive application automatically.

Figure 2‑5: Launch screen

3 Application access

3.1 Sign up — New user registration

To register in the application,

  • On the sign-in screen, click “Sign up” at the bottom, to navigate to the registration page.
Figure 3‑1: Navigation from Sign-in page to Registration page

After being navigated to the registration page,

  • In the Name text box, enter the “Name” you wish to register.
  • In the Email text box, enter the ”Email ID” you wish to register.
  • In the Password text box, enter the “Password” you wish to use as security to your sign-in.
  • Tick the check box to confirm that, you have read and accepted the terms of service and privacy policy.
  • After filling all the required fields, click on Sign Up to successfully register your Email ID and Password.

Once registered, you are automatically logged in to the application.

Figure 3‑2: User registration page

Note: Alternatively you can Sign up using Facebook instead of your email. Click Sign up with Facebook to sign up with your Facebook account. If you register with Facebook, you’ll be prompted to log into your Facebook account if you’re currently logged out.

3.2 Sign in — Existing user

To log into Y.Productive:

  • In the Email text box, enter your “registered email ID”.
  • In the Password text box, enter the “password” to log in to the application and navigate to the home page.
Figure 3‑3: Sign-in page

Note: Alternatively you can Sign in using your Facebook account instead of your email. Click Sign in with Facebook to sign in with your Facebook account. If you sign in with Facebook, you’ll be prompted to log into your Facebook account if you’re currently logged out.

3.3 Forgot Password — Password Regeneration

If you happen to forget your Y.Productive application password, follow the below instructions to regenerate a new password.

  • On the Sign-in page, click “Forgot Password”, to navigate to Forgot Password page.
Figure 3‑4: Sign in page-Forgot Password

After being navigated to Forgot Password page,

  • In the Email text box, enter the “registered Email ID”.
  • Click “Reset password”

An email with a reset password will be sent to your email address. With this, you can change your password.

Figure 3‑5: Reset password page

3.4 Log Out

After successfully signing in to the application, you are navigated to the homepage which presents the application dashboard.

To log out of the application,

  • On the homepage, click on “user profile dropdown” as shown in the below screen.
Figure 3‑6: User profile dropdown — Log out
  • In the dropdown list, click “Log out” to log out of the session.
Figure 3‑7: Log out
  • This logs you out of the application and navigates back to the sign-in page.
Figure 3‑8: Logged out page

3.5 Change password

To change your sign in password:

  • On the homepage, click on “user profile dropdown” as shown in the below screen.
Figure 3‑9: User profile dropdown — Change password
  • In the dropdown list, click “Settings”.
  • In the resulting screen, navigate to the Account section, click “Change password”.
Figure 3‑10: Settings — Change password
  • On the change password screen, fill in the required fields of old and new passwords and click “Save”.
Figure 3‑11: Change password screen

4 Homepage

Homepage of the Y.Productive application uses the chart and details pertaining to the tasks and projects based User Interface to present the live information concerning the time categorized as productive or unproductive.

Figure 4‑1: Homepage

5 Tasks

This menu allows you to manage tasks and projects, observe your daily activities pertaining to the categorizes, the insight of your digital behavior, and numbers related to productive and unproductive.

5.1 Projects

A project is bigger and includes multiple tasks.

5.1.1 Add project

To add project:

  • Click “+ Add project”.
Figure 5‑1: Add project
  • Input the project name in the resulting text box and click “Add”.
Figure 5‑2: Input project name

5.1.2 Edit project

To edit project name:

  • Hover to the respective project and click the “three dots” icon.
  • Click “Edit project”.
Figure 5‑3: Edit project
  • Change the project name as per your convenience and click “Save”.
Figure 5‑4: Edit project_1

5.1.3 Delete project

To delete a project:

  • Hover to the respective project and click the “three dots” icon.
  • Click “Delete project”.
Figure 5‑5: Delete project
  • In the resulting dialog screen, click “Yes” to delete the project.
Figure 5‑6: Delete project_1

5.1.4 Project time counter

To view the total spent time, total productive time, and average productivity pertaining to the project and task:

Click the respective project title to view the above details.

Figure 5‑7: Project time counter

5.2 Task

A task is a single thing that you can do in one or multiple sessions. This can be assigned to the project.

Figure 5‑8: Task description

5.2.1 Add task

To add a task:

  • Click “+ Add new task”.
Figure 5‑9: Add new task initiation
  • Enter the task name and select the date.
  • Click “project” and select the project name to assign the task to the respective project (not mandatory).
Figure 5‑10: Assign the new task to the project
  • Click “Add task”
Figure 5‑11: Add task completion

5.2.2 Edit task

To edit a task:

  • Hover to the respective task and click the “three dots” icon.
  • Click “Edit task”.
Figure 5‑12: Edit task
  • Edit the task details (name, date, and project) and click “Save”.
Figure 5‑13: Edit task_1

5.2.3 Delete task

To delete a task:

  • Hover to the respective task and click the “three dots” icon.
  • Click “Delete task”.
Figure 5‑14: Delete a task
  • In the resulting dialog screen, click “Yes” to delete the task.
Figure 5‑15: Delete task_1

5.2.4 Complete task

To complete the task:

  • Hover to the respective task and click the “three dots” icon.
  • Click “Complete task”.
Figure 5‑16: Complete task

5.2.5 Assign to project

To assign to project:

  • Hover to the respective task and click the “three dots” icon.
  • Click “Assign to project”.
Figure 5‑17: Assign to project
  • Select the respective project from the dropdown list and click “Save”.

5.2.6 Uncomplete task

To uncomplete task:

  • Hover to the respective completed task and click the “three dots” icon.
  • Click “Uncomplete task”.
Figure 5‑18: Uncomplete task

5.2.7 Start/Stop the task timer

To start/stop the task timer:

Figure 5‑19: Start/Stop the task

5.3 Chart

The chart’s goal is to give your insight into your digital behavior. One bar represents 5 minutes of your time. Its height indicates the level of your productivity: the higher, the better. Colors match the appropriate tasks.

The chart in Y-Productive is designed to inform you about every action that harms your productivity. The indications are:

  • The bars’ height decreases
  • High number of switching in the bars` context menu
  • Huge list of “unproductive” activities
Figure 5‑20: Chart elements

5.3.1 Chart insight

​If you click on any range of bars on the chart, you see a pop-up that shows activities (websites and applications) on which you’ve spent time.

Figure 5‑21: Chart insight

Activities are grouped by categories:

  • Productive — The websites or apps that are vital for your workflow or improve it.
  • Unproductive — The websites or apps that make you lose your focus or divide your attention.
  • Uncategorized (new) — New websites or apps which are yet to be determined to be productive or unproductive for you.

Switching numbers shows how many times you have shifted to unproductive activities.

5.3.2 Chart — Assign to task

Your activities are automatically recorded even if you didn’t create or track any tasks (the gradient colored bars). Chart bars may be assigned to the appropriate task retrospectively.

To assign to task:

  • Click on the gradient area and click the “Assign to a task”.
  • Select the task.
Figure 5‑22: Chart — Assign to task

Note: The bars’ colors will be matched with the color of your task.

5.3.3 Chart — Reassign to task

To reassign to task:

  • Click on the colored area and click the “Reassign to a task”.
  • Select the task.
Figure 5‑23: Chart — Reassign to task

5.3.4 History tab

You may research your best productivity hours by comparing the days in the History Tab. View the best or worse productivity tendency by checking the chart bars` height: the better you perform — the higher it is.

Figure 5‑24: History tab

6 Categories

In this menu, you can build a personal working environment that best fits your needs. It consists of 3 sections.

  • Uncategorized
  • Productive
  • Unproductive

It allows you to segregate the activities based on the categorize by drag and drop function. Also, you can manually add the new activity pertaining to the category.

6.1 Add new activity

To add a new activity:

  • Click “+Add new activity” as shown below.
Figure 6‑1: Add new activity
  • Select the category.
  • Enter the URL of the website.
  • Click “Add activity”.
Figure 6‑2: Add activity screen

6.2 Reassign activity

To reassign the activity:

  • Drag and drop the activity to the respective category.
Figure 6‑3: Reassign activity

7 Reports

Get summarized insights covering your performance and time spent on tasks or projects by days, weeks, or months.

To view the reports:

  • Navigate to the reports menu.
Figure 7‑1: Reports

To manage multiple tasks and projects:

  • Select the project and date to view the report pertaining to the given criteria.
Figure 7‑2: Multiple tasks and projects

8 Focus mode

This feature allows you to block distracting websites with a built-in automatic website blocker on Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. It enhances the personal productivity tracker.


Download the focus mode extension for your browser. Without extension, focus mode will not work. This extension is required to maintain the full functionality of Y-Productive`s application.

8.1 Download extension

To download extension:

  • Click the “Focus Mode” button.
Figure 8‑1: Focus mode
  • In the resulting screen select the browser extension, to download.
Figure 8‑2: Download extension

The application automatically navigates you to the download URL.

(we are using chrome for illustration)

  • Click “Add to chrome”
Figure 8‑3: Chrome extension

8.2 Enable focus mode

To enable focus mode:

  • Click the “Focus Mode” button in the right top corner of the app.
Figure 8‑4: Enable focus mode

Focus mode is now enabled.

Figure 8‑5: Focus mode on

To disable Focus Mode, simply stop the progress tracking for a task. For the time working the access to websites which you’ve categorized as “unproductive” will be restricted. When you’ve finished your work or feel like taking a break, just click the button again and the access will be restored.

End of article